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Futurewood Corp. was created back in 1988 to ensure the availability of wood fiber to meet current and future industry needs. Along the way, we have developed a very qualified team of foresters to assist landowners with long-term sustainable forestry plans.  Our foresters approach your property as if it was their own while incorporating all of your long-term goals you have for your property.  Often times this includes property and wildlife enhancements, brush and site preparation, trail and road developments, invasive species management and identification, or timber harvesting with qualified logging contractors. 


We are committed to adhering to and incorporating all Best Management Practices for water quality along the way.  Our management area includes lands in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

Let us help you in developing the property you want and have dreamed of. We have the expertise and equipment to allow for multiple directions. Whether it be your first timber sale with us to improve overall forest health, developing hiking, biking, or skiing trails, or just looking for long term road and trail maintenance with mowing, grading, or seeding; FutureWood is here to help.  


DJ aderman


DJ is responsible for land and timber acquisition, procurement management and staff, harvest plans for company woodlands and controlled stumpage, private landowner management plans and services. DJ has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resource Management from University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and has been part of the team since 1984.


Jamie holly

Vice President

Jamie is responsible for procurement management and staff in Wisconsin, contract management & fulfillment, market trend analysis, as well as third party certification.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from the University of Idaho and has been part of the team since 2014.


Greg Biskup
Chief Financial Officer

Greg is responsible for financial analysis, projections, reporting, and negotiating, as well as hands on operational support to the executive team. Greg has Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from Bemidji State University and has been part of the team since 2004.

Executive team

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